Secure Easy IM

Secure Easy IM is a small Java program that resides on the users machine. It is used to both send and to receive messages. Its functions are controlled by a set of switches that are set at the time of execution.

It is available in both a Command Line and Windowed versions. The command line version may be run from an OS command prompt, a calling program, a DOS batch file or a Unix shell script.

Secure Easy IM contains an open class interface, which means that in can be embedded in other applications. This creates a powerful tool for integration with remote applications.

The Windowed version utilizes a GUI interface whereby the user may select/input the values of the switches to control Secure Easy IM functions.

Secure Easy IM can be invoked to conduct a Send Session, a Receive Session or an End-to-End Session. Following is a description of each of these session types.

A detailed explaination of the switches used to control Secure Easy IM and a series of examples is also presented.