CBP Release Check (ReleaseCheck)

If you need to know the Customs Release Status of your import cargo, you need ReleaseCheck. ReleaseCheck receives CBP Status Messages (350’s) and analyzes them to present an easy to understand status. There are hundreds of Disposition Codes and multple types of Holds that must be interpreted correctly to determine the current Release Status of your cargo. ReleaseCheck maintains a complete history of the CBP Status Messages and analyzes them to present an accurate and easy to understand current status. You my look up shipments by Bill of Lading or Container Number. Note that CBP releases cargo by Bill but a Container cannot go out the Terminal Gate (unless it is travelling inbond) until all Bills in that Container have been released.
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Load Tender & Invoice (LOADS)

If you want more Loads, you need to be EDI Capable. Use of the Load Tender & Invoice Application is the fast and economical way to become EDI capable. It enables Carriers to receive Load Tenders (204s) from Shippers, return Acceptances (990’s) and send Status updates (214’s). It can also create and send Electronic Invoices (210’s) assuring faster payment. LOADS can be customized to meet the requirements of each of your Carriers.
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Ocean & Rail Processing (OceanRail)

The OceanRail Application is customizable to communicate and exchange EDI messages in near real time with all entities involved with Ocean-Rail movements (Sea Ports, Ocean Carriers, Terminal Operators, Railroads, and Rail yards. Transaction Sets supported include (Rail Carrier Shipment Information (404’s), Rail Carrier Waybill Interchange ( 417’s), Rail Advance Interchange Consist (418’s), Terminal Operations and Intermodal Ramp Activity (322’s), Functional Acknowledgment (997’s) and Set Cancellation (998’s).

ReleaseCheck may be utilized to check the Release Status of Shipments.
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