Eforward Protocol

The Eforward Protocol is a purpose-built TCP only protocol using IANA assigned Port 2181. Unlike the "verbose or chatty" protocols FTP, sFTP, FTPs and AS2 commonly used for EDI and other B-to-B communications, the Eforward Protocol is a terse protocol making it more efficient. Furthermore, it provides Assured Delivery, and supports near real-time data interchange. Contact us

Automatic Encryption

An iBox (instant Mail Box) may be classified as a High Security iBox. In this case, data passing through it is automatically encrypted using the AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) cipher specified by NIST in the draft FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards) Publication for AES announced February 28, 2001. Symmetrical Keys are used providing much stronger encryption that that provided by PKI. Key exchanges between Server and Client are automatic using a patented key exchange process. All data including the login data is encrypted. Contact us


Secure Easy IM is easily integrated with existing software. In default mode, it will automatically send messages deposited in designated Send Directories/Folders and place received messages into designated Receive Directories/Folders. For tighter integration, Secure Easy IM can invoke other user provided processes on receipt of messages. An API also enables the user to invoke processing by Secure Easy IM. Instant Send/Receive capabilities make near real time data interchange possible. Contact us

Admin Site and Message Searching

The Secure Easy IM Admin Web site enables the user to establish and maintain Trade Partnerships. Sent and Received Messages are accessible on the Admin Site for 45 days. Send/Receive Date and Time are maintained for all messages. Specific messages may be searched for based on Trade Partner, date, or Key ID, e.g. Purchase Order, Container Number, Bill of Lading Number or Invoice Number. This makes following a message trail fast and easy. Contact us

Any-to-Any Conversion

Corvedia has expert tools enabling it to quickly convert your data to formats required by your Trade Partners. We are experts in Standard Transaction Sets in X12 and EDIFACT. We can easily parse/create messages in private formats, spreadsheets and XML as well as process standard Transaction Sets. Our Any-to-Any capability makes on-boarding of new Trade Partners quick and easy. Contact us

Corvedia Clouds

Corvedia's Servers sit Safely and Securely in the Corvedia Cloud. The Corvedia Cloud maintains multiple connections to the Internet and automatically keeps the Secure Easy IM Client Software updated with multiple IP addresses that the Client can use to route around Internet outages. Multiple UPS's and a standby diesel generator automatically supply power in the event of power outages. A remote site is maintained to automatically back up data, maintain services and provide a backup connection to US Customs. All messages remain available on-line for 45 days. Using the Secure Easy IM Admin site, they may be searched by Partner, key ID's, re-sent or downloaded to your browser. Contact us