Getting Started

Secure Easy IM™ is available as a subscription service offered by Corvedia and as licensed software. Both are available through Corvedia or an authorized reseller.

To begin interchanging data between computers, the following steps must be accomplished:

  1. Using your web browser, login to your Secure Easy IM Server using the provided administrator ID and password.
  2. Create Street addresses to be associated with your iBoxes.
  3. Create an iBox (or two iBoxes for intra-company interchanges).
  4. Create a Partnership between the iBoxes.
  5. Install Secure Easy IM.

Your Secure Easy IM representative will provide you with your initial administrator ID and password. You may change your password and add additional administrators as desired. Detailed instructions for completing Steps 2-4 are provided later in this guide.

Secure Easy IM is a small Java program that is available from the Corvedia Website:

There are installations for the PC, Mac, Unix, Linux, and more. Secure Easy IM uses Java.

If your target machine has a UNIX Operating System, download the Unix tar file. Secure Easy IM may also be installed on an AS/400. Contact your Secure Easy IM representative for detailed instructions.