Secure Easy IM™ Server

The Secure Easy IM Server consists of 3 major components:

  1. Web Server supporting Secure Easy IM administrative and reporting functions.
  2. Eforward protocol engine.
  3. Relational Database.

Web Server

The Web Server supports a browser interface enabling users to administer and report on Secure Easy IM activities using commonly available Web browsers, e.g. Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Explorer.

Eforward protocol engine

Secure Easy IM uses the Internet eforward messaging protocol which is listed by IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority). Listed as port 2181 at

On contact a new listening process is spawned and the current process will attempt to validate the contact by examining the header which prefaces the contact message. If the header is unable to be processed, i.e. invalid, the session is summarily terminated.

The header includes all the information that was provided to the The Secure Easy IM. This information will include local iBox id (contacting iBox) & password as well as the partner iBox (if appropriate). An invalid iBox, invalid password or an invalid partnership will cause an error message to be generated.

Custom applications can be automatically run to process an incoming message.

Seim makes Internet connecions only while sending and receiving. The connections will work with very low quality Internet.

Seim has 'Assured Delivery'. Messages marked as sent are sent.

Relational Database

The Secure Easy IM web site keeps track of all messages. Stored administrative data includes: Subscriber ID's, iBox ID's, passwords, and trading relationships.

Message information is tracked. Messages can be resent from the web site.