Secure Easy IM™Secure Easy Internet Messaging is simple and reliable messaging for the Internet.

Secure Easy IM is used widely for business-to-business data interchange and integration. Common uses are for EDI and XML messages. Messaging can be fully automated or manual. Attachments can be easily connected to processing applications.

Secure Easy IM uses the Internet eforward messaging protocol which is listed by IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority). Listed as port 2181 at

Message delivery is assured and verifiable. Strong encryption is provided using AES.

Corvedia provides full integration support.

The Eforward protocol was develped by Greg Pringle to streamline the connection of applications on the web. Secure Easy IM has implemented Eforward and extended the capabilities.

Data is interchanged using iBoxes. Trading relationships are established between iBoxes. Seim has an intelligent messaging post office. Secure Easy IM also provides the means for establishing and maintaining trading relationships between iBoxes and for enforcing the trading relationship rules. In addition the Secure Easy IM provides an audit trail for all interchanges as well as inquiry and reporting functions. The user manages Secure Easy IM using a web browser.

Secure Easy IM is a Java application for cross platform compatibility.