Receive Session

Secure Easy IM on establishing an Internet connection, may request a receive session in one of three modes:

  • Receive a single message
  • Receive in Single Batch mode and discontinue the session
  • Receive in Batch mode and request server call back (Secure Easy IM stays in listening mode)

In all cases Seim may request that messages from all trading partners (iBoxes) be delivered or that only messages from a specified trading partner be delivered.

If Secure Easy IM requests a single message, then the oldest undelivered message will be transmitted and the session ended.

If Secure Easy IM requests a Single Batch receive then all waiting messages will be received in order. Seim acknowledges receipt of each message before the next message is transmitted. When no more messages are available the session is ended.

If a batch receive is started then all waiting messages will received in order of their receipt (as described above for the Single Batch receive). Messages will be received when sent. If the user is behind a firewall then receiving can be timed.