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ID Maptm  is a new facility to find all messages with a reference or container number. This makes following the message trail fast and easy.

US CBP Connectivity is fast and secure with Corvedia.


Seim can now easily read XML and EDI files in any format. Download Seim and once installed you will find View in Secure Easy IM programs.


SeIM™ now has the unique ability to route around Internet outages. Download the latest client to enable.

(This is a significant enhancement. Contact Corvedia for details.)

U.S Customs and Border Protection Connectivity:

CBP Secure Connection

Corvedia is a Secure Connection VAN provider for CBP ACE Customs messages. Both X12 and CAMIR messages are available. Corvedia provides connections and data conversion for messaging. Ports, Terminals and Secondary Notify Parties can use Corvedia CBP Release Check to check the release status of cargo.

Secure Easy Internet Messaging:

Instant Business-to-Business Data Interchange and Application Integration.

Corvedia is dedicated to the integration of applications across the Internet. Using sophisticated techniques based on the Internet, Corvedia offers the Secure Easy IM™ enabling applications running on different computers, operated by different companies to instantly interchange and inter-process data.

Secure Easy IM™ can give new life to traditional EDI!

Secure Easy IM™ will extend the life of your legacy systems, carrying them into the brave new world of instant business-to-business data interchange.

Secure Easy IM™ will help XML reach its potential!

XML promises to provide a universal facility for defining the structure and content of business documents. Secure Easy IM™ provides a superior facility for interchanging and inter-processing these documents.

The Internet has changed the rules for doing business!

Corvedia can make the new rules work for your business.

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