Press Release

Virginia International Terminals, Inc to use Secure Easy IM™


Conrad Persels, CEO of Corvedia, Inc., a Rockville based company with offices in the Maryland Technology Growth Center, announced today that Virginia International Terminals, Inc. (VIT) has signed an agreement to utilize Corvedia's Secure Easy IM service. The Secure Easy IM service enables businesses to exchange business data electronically (Electronic Data Interchange or EDI for short) over the Internet. Persels noted that Secure Easy IM provides an easy, secure and inexpensive alternative to traditional 3rd party EDI VAN Services.

VIT, a non-profit operating affiliate of the Virginia Port Authority, operates four state-owned general cargo facilities including Norfolk International Terminals, Newport News Marine Terminal, Portsmouth Marine Terminal, and the Virginia Inland Port in Warren County, Virginia.

VIT is a heavy user of EDI Services exchanging EDI messages with members of the shipping community including Ocean carriers, truckers, railroads and shippers. Don Seay, VIT's Supervisor, Application Services, in discussing VIT's decision to use Secure Easy IM stated that he expects Secure Easy IM to significantly reduce VIT's EDI costs while providing an easy and secure way for VIT to exchange EDI messages with members of the shipping community.

Secure Easy IM is based on a sophisticated communications protocol referred to as eForward™. eForward utilizes the underlying Internet technologies and pure Java to implement an instant data interchange capability between diverse computers. Business-to-business data (including standard EDI messages and XML defined documents) can be instantly interchanged between and among trading partners using Secure Easy IM.

Many businesses and product developers are trying to use the existing Internet Transport Protocols (FTP, HTTP and SMTP) to interchange business data. Persels states that these protocols were not developed for that purpose and are not well suited for business-to-business data interchange. Secure Easy IM has been developed specifically to enable businesses to interchange data and to integrate applications across the Internet.

In making the announcement, Persels noted that VIT has demonstrated how easily businesses can integrate Secure Easy IM into their existing EDI systems to reduce costs and extend their trading partner relationships.

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Conrad G. Persels 20010 Century Blvd., Suite 105 Germantown, MD 20874 Phone: (301) 528-6620