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GERMANTOWN, MD - February 2, 2016

Iana letter discovered.

Corvedia, Inc., has uncovered the original letter authorizing the use of the internet port 2181 for "eforward", the internet protocol used by Secure Easy IM (Seim). The authorization was given in 1999 after many months of review.

Iana letter

About Corvedia

Corvedia was founded in 1999 by CEO Conrad Persels and President Greg Pringle. While the initial focus was on providing Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) services and solutions to the shipping industry, the success of the company and its proprietary Secure Easy IM software has poised Corvedia to move into other markets that might otherwise rely on traditional EDI.

The patent-pending eForward software runs on any Java platform, and provides a secure hotlink for global trade. The software is free to customers of Corvedia and their trade partners, and can be downloaded from the address below. More information is available at

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