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Integrating the Supply Chain

Integrating the Supply Chain into an Enterprise’s current operations has many benefits for all
participants including: Shippers, Suppliers, Carriers, Distribution Centers, 3PL’s, Sea Ports and
Terminal Operators. Integration and the attendant automation minimizes errors, reduces costs,
shortens lead times, promotes better relationships and provides better tracking and
performance metrics. Maximizing these benefits requires Enterprises to electronically
interchange AND inter‐process business data. The interchange must be secure, automatic, in
real‐time and assured.

Corvedia’s Secure Easy IM provides all these benefits and is much simpler to implement, easier
to operate and less expensive than common alternatives.

Data in transit is automatically encrypted based on Corvedia’s patented key‐exchange
technology that provides the strongest commercially available encryption. Encryption is much
stronger and easier to use than the commonly used encryption based on the Public Key
Infrastructure (PKI).

Corvedia’s Any‐to‐Any Conversion Service enables each Enterprise to utilize their own
standards and data formats when Interchanging and inter‐processing data. Secure Easy IM
supports standard EDI messages as well as XML, CSV files, private formats and PDF’s.
Integration with existing applications is seamless utilizing Corvedia’s robust Application
Program Interface (API) facilities.

Instant Send/Receive capabilities provide for the real‐time interchange of data. On‐line
tracking with time‐stamps enables each Partner to verify sending and receipt of all messages.

One Secure and Easy connection to Corvedia can connect you with all your Trade Partners
regardless of their preferred mode of communication: FTP, FTPs, sFTP, AS2, VAN or even email.

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